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Admission Guidance

We aim to provide expert, prompt and hit on the nail career advice and guidance to students. Admission information & formalities,  course and destination alternative are offered through a methodical approach. We guide students keeping in mind the long term prospects of a studying a particular subject and in a particular destination. Our objective assessment is based on tangible parameters like

  1. Course and subject intensity
  2. Industry demand & integration
  3. Immigration & job prospects
  4. Duration & sustainability of the course.
  5. Key interest area of the student
  6. Authenticity and validation of the course.

Course Selection

We provide access to a wide range of courses on graduate, postgraduate, diploma and certificate levels in almost any field you can name. We have brought over 5000 courses and specializations from universities and colleges around the world. We assist the students on evaluating and comparing similar courses on logical criteria as:

  • Industry acceptability
  • Internship provision
  • Practical/ Theoretical focus
  • Generic specialized segmentation
  • Financial consideration, duration course structure/ content / Research orientation

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Application Processing

We assist students in contacting and applying to their chosen institute in a five-fold simple process

  • Route academic certificates
  • Apply for a position on your chosen course
  • Receive a conditional offer
  • Meet the condition (eg: IELTS score, fee payment or submission of a pending document)
  • Receive the unconditional offer (Visa Letter)

Financial Assistance:

We assist students in processing bank loans and guide them at every step of raising funds for studying abroad . We help students in obtaining and arranging various modes of finance like education loans, personal loans or loans against property. Our tie-ups with leading bankers like SBI, Central Bank India and Bank of India make it easy for students to process bank loans.

Apart from that, we help the student’s parents & their sponsors to present liquid, fixed and borrowed funds for visa processing through accurate paper work.

Following are the possible ways to show required funds for a certain period of study abroad.

  • Bank Loans
  • Saving account statements
  • Fixed deposits
  • Proceeds from sale of fixed assets
  • Rental Income
  • Investments
  • Land income

Visa Filing/ Processing

Kapri is proud to have generated a 98% visa filing success and we claim to have had visas stamped in even a matter of 3 working days, which is unmatched by any of our counterparts is Central India. We work on 3 keys objective, that is:

  • Authentication
  • Accuracy
  • Appropriateness

With our efforts and goodwill obtained over a period of 11 years.

Pre-departure Briefing

We guide students flying overseas on different aspects for their comfortable travel and stay abroad by providing guidance on:

  • Packing Checklist
  • Medication
  • Permissible luggage weights
  • Importance of university orientations

Travel Arrangements & Airport Pickup

We partner with key travel agents and insurance agencies to provide best deals and offers for flying abroad:

  • Air Tickets
  • Travel and luggage insurance
  • Convenient return fares
  • Itineraries with sojourns at the choice of students
  • On arriving at their destinations students are welcomed and received by university officials or our overseas staff to be escorted to their residences safely and comfortably



    We arrange and book permanent and temporary accommodation on behalf of students in a variety of stays like:

    • Hostels
    • Halls of residence
    • University/ college on-campus accommodation
    • Home stays
    • Serviced apartments
    • Private accommodation

    Foreign Exchange

    We have alliances with major Forex service provider like In Indusind Bank , VKC forex, Weizmann Forex, Transcorp international and others to provide different Forex products as:

    • International debit cards
    • Bank accounts
    • Fee remittances ( Bank Transfers)
    • Travelers  Cheques
    • International Currency
    • Insurance & Mediclaims
    • Other payments

    Immigration & PR Assistance

    Apart from assistance in securing student visa, we guide student through the complete process of applying & obtaining their Visitor Visa, Temporary Residence (TR), Skilled Immigrant Residence (SIR) through to Permanent Residency ( PR) or Citizenship of different counters. Our 1000+ alumni in Australia, NZ, UK and Canada will attest that a massive over 80% of students have grabbed their PRs soon after their studies on obtaining relevant work experience and education presence.

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